Microsoft Windows Programming

Doing it without M$VC suggests several packages that allow you to develop Windows applications without bowing down to Redmond.

MorseTrainer is an utility that helps the aspiring ham radio operator learn morse code. That is pretty dull in itself, but the app does demonstrate that you can do it all with the GNU toolchain

Java Software

The following four applets were compiled with the Sun JDK1.2 package, but do not use any Swing components or other 1.2 specific classes. They should work on NetScape 4.06 and up, or InternetExplorer 4.0. There are a few timing peculiarities with IE5.0, as Microsoft's latest VM seems to have a problem or three. The good news: no huge jars full of Swing stuff or PlugIns need to be downloaded from my slow server. Here is the source for the whole family of card game applets.

These two applets are written with the older Java 1.0.2 event manager and classes. They may be deprecated, but they do have the nice advantage of running on almost any Java VM.

VC++ Applications

VideoPoker is a simple minded simulation of a poker machine. Besides a couple of tweaks of normal SDI usage, there is a 'hint' mode that shows you the optimum strategy for these things. After a lot of simulation, I'll give the punchline away: if you find an honest machine with the optimal payoff schedule, and play rigorously, you might have a positive edge of less than 1%. If you consider the churn needed to pay yourself minimum wage, you won't quit that day job.

Sim51 is the start of a 8051 simulator. You may be able to glean some ideas from it, as it uses threads, some of the MFC container classes, and a few perversions of the MDI setup. There is also code that answers the ever popular question, "How the hell do you set the colors on a CButton?" No guarantees on this one, but if you just want to paw through the code, go for it.

This is an ActiveX version of the Java calculator. It is not signed, and will probably require you to fiddle around with the security settings of your browser. This is probably more trouble than it is worth. If you are interested in the comparison of the two, just download the source

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