The Easiest Way to Get Started

I've tried to make this as painless as possible for people who just want to write some Windows apps with the egcs compiler, and don't want to get involved with a bunch of gnuish tools. Get the three packages, install them, fire up your favorite text editor, and get to work!

  1. Get Mumit Khan's egcs package, Mingw32
  2. Unzip this package into the same directory
  3. Get Anders Norlander's WindowsAPI package and install it according to the directions. This is a gziped tar package, but WinZip can handle it. Most of the original headers in Mumit's package will be overwritten, but don't worry about it.

In Step 3, the instructions mention that the GNU Binutils are required. I slipped a GNU make.exe binary into to the mingw32 ~/bin directory in Step 2, so if you have edited the mingw32.bat file to properly set the path, try running 'make' against the Win32api makefile. There may be some errors, but it should grind out the library wrappers. Look in the /lib directory, and move all the files like libsomething.a to i386-mingw32/lib. You can also manually move everything in /include to i386-mingw32/include. This will save you the effort of getting the gnu binutils if you aren't interested in them.

You should be good to go, as far as DirectX, OpenGL, and general Windows API programming. Two of the links are to other sites, and I have pointed them at the appropriate files so you don't have to hunt around. However, this means those links have a potential to be broken. If so, or if you have any other problems, please drop me a line and I'll try to get things fixed.

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