It is a girl's bike, 
		but I like it

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maybe you want some other opinions?

there is one thing that Sportster owners agree on; the stock saddles suck.
which brings us to a topic of much discussion:


 some solutions are offered at these sites:

If you plan to use your Sportster for something more ambitious than pub-crawling, you'll need a place to store a set of skivvys and a loaf of bread. my solution is the LeatherLyke bags from Hoese.

 I've tortured them for 10,000 miles, and they work extremely well. they are a hard ABS shell, which makes them shrug off rain and dust. They lock, and can easily store a leather jacket, if you don't feel like contributing a fashion accessory to some punk's wardrobe. If you are really paranoid, and stay at sleazy motels, like I do, the bags can be removed in 15 seconds. Note: you have to unlock them to remove them, so you don't have to worry about some scumbag removing them for you.

once a Sportster pilot gets a little comfortable, the next item on the agenda is SPEED. a new exhaust system might help. here are some ideas:
picture of exhaust system
Bub's Exhaust 
White Bros 

When you start working on your bike, you might like some  wrench information
And after you've got all the speed goodies installed, you might want to know how  fast you're going.

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