Here are some of our Valentines Poem to our parents.

Hope you enjoy them.

Happy Valentine's day to you
You are nice and pretty too
You push me to go forth
because you're the best mom in the North

Dear Mom,
I am the one,
You see every day,
So can we have fun?

Dear Mommy I love you!
You are nice and caring too,
Mom you're pretty and that is true,
So dear Mommy don't be blue,
Remember I love you!
Love Meagan

Dear Mommy, I love you!
You are Sharing and Caring too
Your really cool and that's so true!
So dear mommy I love you!
Remember, Happy Valentines Day!!
Love Sarah

Hugs and Kisses are the best
Good friends are better then the rest
Chocolate Kisses,Sweet Hearts,and Candy
Cards,Candy,and friends are dandy
You are sweet as candy.

Mom you're the best!
Better than the rest!
I think you are divine!
So please be my valentine!
You love me cause I'm you're only son!
And now I have won!
By Andru

Mom you're the best
Out of the rest
More than a mom
You are the bomb
Love Justin

My Valentines Day Poem
I'll make you a sweet tart,
Then be your little sweet heart,
I'll love you with all my care,
and so I'll get you a teddy bear.
Love, Ellissa

Let me give you a Valentine
So you can be mine.
I'll make you a cake
You know I can bake.
So let me give you a Valentine
With red hearts divine.

Dear mommy and daddy,
Here is a poem so Lovely
Because I love you so madly,
This is for you,
Sugars and sweets,
Are so good to eat,
There yummy and gummy,
Just for your tummy.

My mom is the best,
Of the west,
Better than the rest,
Put me to the test.

Dear Mom and Dad
Happy Valentines Day
I just want to say
I love you
Love Jen

Mom and dad I will always love you.
Even if I have the flu.
I will still love you.
Even when I'm old too.
Happy Valentines day to you.

Happy Valentine Day
I love you in every way
I'll give you chocolate
And sweet hearts too.

You see me every day,
Oh yay.
Hope you have a nice day,
Especally on valentines day.

On this Valentine day
I wanted to get you a bouquet
But instead
I started to use my head
by Joey

Dear Mom and Dad,
do not be sad
I want you to
know I love you
Love Cristal

Happy Valentine's Day
I love you in each way
I'll give you a treat
because your so sweet.
By Kristara

This is a Valentine's poem
and I wish I was at home
so that I can be with you
and that is very true.
Chris D






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