Western Montana

    SAR Dogs

Welcome to the site of the Clarkfork-Bitterroot Search Dogs. The CBSD is comprised of certified search dogs, dogs in training and dog handlers. This site is intended to provide general information on SAR (Search and Rescue) dogs and serve as an introduction to the hardworking SAR dogs and handlers of Western Montana.

Our training group is primarily comprised of search dogs and handlers who are affiliated with local county SAR groups. As a group, we meet weekly for canine SAR training exercises at various locations within western or west central Montana. As individuals, we also train with our local county SAR units. Training exercises vary according to the time of year and desires of the participants.


Many of the dogs you see on this site participate in a variety of mock searches with local SAR units and other agencies including the Forest Service and in state and out of state SAR groups. These exercises help handlers learn how to work more effectively with members of local SAR groups and also help SAR managers learn more about how SAR dogs work. To SAR dogs like Fergus, featured at left, these exercises are just plain FUN!!!

Who benefits from SAR dogs and Handlers:

  • The Community (hunters, hikers, skiers, etc.)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Local/County SAR Units