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"Fallen Heroes Plaza/9-11 Memorial "- Cherry Hill Park - Coeur d' Alene, ID
 5 -12 foot  "ghost " sculptures --- 3 policemen, 2 firemen --- depicting "Missing Man Formation"

This project symbolizes the "Fallen Heroes" of not only Coeur d' Alene's, but the state of Idaho's Police and Fire Departments. It honors those who have made the "ultimate sacrifice" while serving in the line of duty. It is a narrative depicting a fallen comrade who is missing in a debris pile.

The first firefighter while sorting through the debris and has discovered one of his friend's boots. The second firefighter, also involved in the unfortunate task, has found his friend's helmet.   Both reflecting upon what has just happened.

What is created and illustrated are their transparent, universal and timeless -- "spirits" or "souls"-- representing their inner
connections to each other as well as to all firemen and policemen.

The honor guard is composed of three policmen. One policeman is positioned in "present arms w/ rifle", one holding and presenting a folded American flag, with the final figure in "twenty-one gun salute position w/ rifle".

Additionally, they are designed to interplay with the immediate area surrounding them. This then symbolically links them to the city and state they were sworn to protect. These connections are then fused to be observed and contemplated by the viewer.

(The sculptures are a component to a much larger presentation being finalized by the city of Coeur d' Alene.)

--- Fireman picking up "missing man's" boot ---  "Up-lighted" on location at Cherry Hill Park  ((photo F.Ogram) ---

--- "Fallen Heroes Plaza" ---

Winner of the prestigious Mayor's Choice Award - "Excellence in the Arts for 2009"

---  Fireman picking up "missing man's" helmet--- ---"Up-lighted" on location at Cherry Hill Park-(photo F.Ogram)---


These sculptures don't block your view
they are part of
" IT "

"It was a pleasure working with Brian on this project. He entertained and met all of our demands for every detail to make this project specific to our job and culture. The police and firefighter sculptures have exceeded all of our expectations and his work has effectively captured all the emotion of the moment."

Committee member:  Glenn Lauper - Deputy Fire Chief - Coeur d'Alene Fire Department,  Coeur d'Alene, ID

--- Police Honor Guard saluting "missing man"---- "Up-lighted" Police Honor Guard on location (photo F. Ogram)

  "Up-lighted" Police Honor Guard on location (photo F. Ogram) --- Police Honor Guard (detail)---

"The statues are a vital piece to the Fallen Heroes Plaza. In my opinion, the open form and ghost like appearance capture the feeling we were trying to create in a memorial to our fallen police officers and fire fighters They are fantastic and I get great joy in showing them off."

Committee member:: Stephen W. Childers, Captain, Coeur d'Alene Police Department, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Working with Brian has been an absolute great experience.  I was especially impressed with his ability to understand the subtleties of the Police & Fire Departments and create detail in a "ghost-like" sculpture.  His ability to capture both the "essence" through abstraction AND the "detail" through precision craftsmanship are testaments to his artistic abilities.  His creations are durable, beautiful pieces of unique public art that feel as though you have entered a 3D sketch lifted off the artist's tablet and made real.  They offer something new to the viewer each time you visit them whether it be the season, the lighting or the discovery of another detail.      Simply, FANTASTIC!"

Committee member/project designer -William A(Fred) Ogram, IV, ASLA, RLA - Principal Landscape Architect - Abbotswood Design Group, Coeur d' Alene, ID

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