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The next series of paintings are "Eight"
aviation paintings commissioned to honor inducted individuals of the
"Mountain Flying Hall of Fame" and pilots of
Johnson's Flying Service ,  Missoula, Montana-(1925 -'75).

These  3 feet x 4 feet acrylic paintings are featured on the next two pages. 


3 feet x 4 feet acrylic painting on canvas -Mountain Flying Hall of Fame - Johnson's Flying Service,Missoula International Airport- Missoula, Montana
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In part, they were created from combining images from black/white and colored source photographs dating back as early as the 1930's. Through the process of negotiating with my client and myself, the final compositions were finalized and painted.

The entire series is now permanently displayed in the terminal building at the
Missoula International Airport, Missoula, Montana.


3feet x 4feet acrylic painting on canvas
Mountain Flying Hall of Fame
Johnson's Flying Service Missoula International Airport - Missoula, Montana

Who uses Super Sports ?

Super Sports Ptngs. Unltd. clients are from coast to coast. Clients have been universities, colleges, airport authorities, private and public athletic clubs, flying enthusiasts and interested individuals.
A partial list of clients include:

Additional commissioned pieces are on display in a number of public establishments as well as private residences in: Eugene, Or- Sarasota, FL.- San Jose, CA- Portland, OR- Battleground, WA- Missoula, MT- McKalister, OK- Buffalo, NY- Colorado Springs, CO- plus many more throughout the U.S. and Canada. Art prints from Super Sports have been sold to clients in all 50 states, Canada and 7 other foreign countries.

Honor flying pioneers and their machines.

3ft.x4ft. acrylic painting-
Mountain Flying Hall of Fame
Johnson's Flying Service Missoula International Airport- Missoula, Montana

"I have become aware of the need for displaying a more personal recognition of individuals and their accomplishments. A sense of pride in displaying these accomplishments somehow seem inadequately measured by the standard posters or photographic displays often placed on walls. Photos often lack in conveying the hours and often years of effort expended in order to achieve these goals. We often look at paintings and artwork in general quite differently than photographs. Paintings and sculptures have a visual and emotional impact unsurpassed when viewed in the context of standard photographic displays. For this reason, the idea for the type of artwork I create has come into existence. I paint and sculpt life size, fine art pieces of people doing what they do best. I cater to the wishes of my clients making the art work
very personal visual statements."

Brian M. Schmid

3ft.x 4ft.acrylic painting on canvas-
Mountain Flying Hall of Fame
Johnson's Flying Service Missoula International Airport- Missoula, Montana

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