Brian M. Schmid and Super Sports Paintings Unlimited
fine art - custom portraits and environmental re-bar sculptures

Super Sports "Rebar" sculptures are less obtrusive and more

"Environmentally Friendly "

"Fishing Kids"-- Silver's Lagoon, McCormick City Park, 12 ft., Missoula, Montana

"Although rugged and durable by nature, the sculptures have an asthetic appeal that makes them seem to have living quality about them. My experience with Brian and his art has been very enjoyable and I highly recommend them both."
--- Alan White, Construction Projects Coordinator, Missoula Parks and Recreation, Missoula, Montana ---

"Kids" dressed in baggy clothes--- "in the round", open form, linear,
"Environmental Sculpture"

"They'll fit well near the entrance of McCormick Park," Gaukler said, " though you'll probably miss them your first time past.  When you do notice, she said, "it's sort of like a discovery, which is fun because that's what being a kid is all about - a whole system of discoveries.
We'd like the park to be like that."
--- Donna Gaukler, Parks and Rec. Director, Missoula, MT---

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