Brian M. Schmid and Super Sports Paintings Unlimited
 fine art - direct commission - custom portraits
and environmental re-bar sculptures

Super Sports Sculptures actively involves the viewer allowing for an
"interaction" and "discovery"
not observed in many other types of sculptural presentations.

--- "The Veterans' Memorial" - Sculpture honoring sacrifices of all American Veterans - 19 ft.x 22 ft.- Polson, Montana

                    --- Sculpture's detail ---

"Our community sponsored a Freedom Day event, honoring all of our military serving or having served in the Armed Forces.  As part of an everlasting tribute in honor of those who have given to our country, a memorial sculpture was erected at the end of the bridge in Polson, now re-named the Armed Forces Memorial Bridge.  Artist, Brian Schmid, created the sculpture of a soldier saluting the U.S.flag that rests on the five emblems of each branch of the Armed Forces.  I found Brian to take much pride and personal perfection in this and other sculptures he has created. This memorial sculpture stands at the entrance and exit to our City for all to see. I thank Brian for his work and diligence in the creation of this sculpture that serves as a hallmark of pride for our community." ---  Rick E. Skates, Chairman of Freedom Days - President of First Citizens Bank, Polson, Montana

 "Veterans' Memorial Bridge" Dedication , Memorial Day, 2006, Polson, MT 

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