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Welded Steel Sculptures:

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 Painting gallery

Capture the "SPIRIT" of all types of sports, interests, activities and the people who make it - on Canvas

4ft. x 6 ft. sports painting - Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO
4 foot.x 6 foot. painting, Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO
Note:  --- You may click on the above painting to see enlargement --- 


All of the artwork on this site was created "specifically" from the
"wishes and desires" of the clients! 

They are unique, very personal, visual statements that
honor memories, experiences and contemplations of many.


5ft. x 6ft, painting, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT  

You  can CHOOSE the SUBJECT(S) !!
You  help DECIDE what the backgrounds and composition(s) will look like !!
You can have your own PERSONAL visual statement(s) created !!

You have the input not only to what will be created, but how!!!

or a

New Addition

"Unique" - Welded Steel - 3D "Drawing"--
"Ghost" Sculptures

for outside!!

7 ft.

7 foot. high 3-D, steel  "rebar" sports sculpture - girls' basketball lay up - private individual, Missoula, MT
Note:  --- You may click on the above sculpture to see enlargements of the piece ---

--- Owners' quote: "This sculpture of our daughter means so much to us. To some it is just a sculpture of a basketball player, but not to us! She left for college for the first time and she is 1,000 miles away from home, however we can still see her everyday on our front yard
when we come home." ---

Share in honoring the memories of all types of activities by showing a "unique" sense of pride for current and future generations to
remember and enjoy.

Life Size or Larger !!

"Fallen Heroes Plaza," 5-12 foot figures- Tribute to Police and Fire Departments, Coeur d' Alene, ID
click on image to see details---(installation in progress- fall 2009)

Direct Commission - Custom - Fine Art - Action - Portraits

Painted with your own heroes!!


Action - Environmental - Monumental Size - Custom -
"Ghost" Sculptures
that are truly -- Unique--


For more information about paintings and sculptures:
Phone: 1-406-626-4348