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Decorate gyms, offices, workout areas and personal residences with the artwork from Super Sports both inside and out!!

4ft.x6ft., painting, coach, United State Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

"I have become aware of the need for displaying a more personal recognition of individuals and their accomplishments that have gone "above and beyond the call". A sense of pride in showing the accomplishments of goals that call for extreme sacrifices somehow seem inadequately measured by the standard posters or photographic displays often placed on walls. We often look at paintings and sculptures quite differently than photographs. Photos often lack in conveying the hours and often years of effort expended in order to achieve these goals. For this reason, the idea for the type of artwork I create has come into existence. I paint and sculpt life size fine art paintings and sculptures of people doing what they do best. I cater the wishes of my clients.
Making the artwork very personal visual statements."

Brian M. Schmid

  2ft.x 3ft., painting - Private residence- Polson, MT

What is Super Sports Paintings Unlimited?

Super Sports Paintings Unltd. is a "direct commission" art business that not only specializes in creating original fine art action portraits for all types of sports, sporting activities, but
many other varied subjects as well!!

Brian M. Schmid, originator and artist of Super Sports Paintings Unltd., has been doing this type of artwork for athletes, sports businesses and interested individuals for over 30 years. 

His work has been displayed at national and international competitions as well as
numerous public and private establishments throughout the United States.


4 ft.x 8 ft. acrylic painting- magazine cover-" Women's Varsity Sports"

Who uses SuperS ports?

Clients are from coast to coast!

 -- Selected -- Satisfied clients have included:

Please visit the gallery sections to see the variety of selected commissions
that have created!

For more information about paintings and sculptures:
Phone: 1-406-626-4348